Higgs Boson of Leadership

In the realm of physics, the Higgs Boson is an elementary particle which allows all other particles to exist through its interaction. This elementary particle has been in the news lately as a major scientific discovery. The Higgs Boson can also be a useful term to describe something elementary about a particular topic (leadership).

Many books have been written, videos and presentations created and inspiring speeches made on the topic of what makes a great leader. There is one element that connects it all.

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Griffin Centre Speech

Cleaning up my old word documents I found the speech I gave to Griffin Centre at their Annual General Meeting in November 2010. This speech was about my cross Canada bike trip that I had completed that summer.

The speech has been modified for this blog post.


(Thank You)

First things first, I want to thank each and every one of you here. The journey would not haven  been as successful without your involvement.   Together we raised $4000 … Even though it was a solo ride across the country I was never alone.  I knew that many of you were thinking of me and wishing me a safe trip. You were on the website reading my blog entries, posting comments, sending me text messages and emails and tracking me via GPS.  There were days where I looked up at the sky and was wondering who’s following me now.


Every now and then I have a need to push my limits …. I took a leap of faith in myself. It’s not confidence, it’s trust. Trust your own skills and experience in order to take that first step, then the second one and so on into the unknown.

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Sailing and Teamwork

Investing a vacation week learning how to sail was edutaining. I signed up for the Humber Sailing Course at Humber Bay Park in Toronto. Every day I was out on the water learning the ropes, pun intended, developed some vertigo, worked on my tan and was part of a fine crew of three students and one instructor. At the end the week I developed into a strong skipper with good command of my crew, points of sail, crew overboard rescue techniques and can now pilot a sailboat up to 35 feet. I also received a refresher on what makes a great team.

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Was Maslow Wrong?

While living in my old apartment I befriended a few people beyond the usual superficial hellos that you would expect during regular lobby and elevator encounters. The first one was my immediate neighbor.  A nice enough guy who’s sister and cousin shared the place. Then he got arrested, the hydro was cut off, a Sheriff’s notice posted on the door indicating eviction from the premises and I haven’t heard from any of them since.

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