Down the Rabbit Hole in Sofia

Alexander Nevsky CathedralSofia is the capital city of Bulgaria. This city has been pegged as the number one tourist destination in Bulgaria. I am sure that to some people it is a great place to visit while for others it may be too far down the rabbit hole they are willing to go. Before and during my stay I was warned about traveling as a tourist there and to keep a careful watch over my cash.

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A Funcut to Skopje

Warrior on horse SkopjeSkopje, the largest city in Macedonia had an earthquake in 1963 that destroyed 80% of the city. Rebuilding of the city was tasked to a Japanese architect and urban planner who also helped rebuild Hiroshima in 1949.  As I was walking around the city I noticed very rundown buildings and newly built ones. In the centre of the city I discovered an abundance of newly built monuments and fountains scattered throughout.

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A Few Days In Novi Sad

Liberty Square and City Hall Novi SadEarly this May I spent a few days in Novi Sad. This Serbian city is smaller than Belgrade, more laid back and you can practically walk everywhere or take transit for a few stops. In Serbian Novi Sad means “New Plantation”. It’s in its own autonomous zone and has the potential to be the number one tourist destination in the region primarily because of their annual Exit Festival.

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Sh*t My … Says

Below is a list of over two dozen quotations made by my nephews, niece, sister and brother in law.

Sh*t my …

  1. … bro in law Says: “How come you don’t want a myPhone? Chuck Norris has one.” and “iPhone is grammatically incorrect”
  2. … 10 year old niece says: “I love you daddy!”. … Bro In Law Replies: “What do you want?”
  3. … 10 year old niece says: “Why isn’t the Croatian news in English? (offensive text omitted)”
  4. … bro in law says, “(Care Bears)…are fuzzy little communists”
  5. … bro in law says, “Go tweet yourself”.
  6. … 10 year old niece says (to her mom), “If you love me you wouldn’t feed me this crap.”
  7. … 8 year old nephew Luka says: “Its not Kung Fu Panda, its Kung Fu Luka Of Awesomeness.”
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