Was Maslow Wrong?

While living in my old apartment I befriended a few people beyond the usual superficial hellos that you would expect during regular lobby and elevator encounters. The first one was my immediate neighbor.  A nice enough guy who’s sister and cousin shared the place. Then he got arrested, the hydro was cut off, a Sheriff’s notice posted on the door indicating eviction from the premises and I haven’t heard from any of them since.

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ME Time

There’s nothing like spending  “ME” time either vegging out on the couch looking up at the ceiling, siting on my balcony with a tasty beverage looking at scenic lake views and T.O. skyline, surfing the web just because or chillaxing at a cafe reading a book.  With the exception of the last one, my brain ends up regressing if I do that daily . Do’h! ..err… Du’h! So as much as my actions ebb and flow like waves crashing onto a beach I’m currently taking FOUR continuing education classes that require me to create, build & manage Twitter, Facebook and WordPress sites while working full time. FML !! Might need some Turkish coffee, maybe with a shot of Absinthe.