One Year, BC

Sauble Beach Sunset, One Year BCCurse my busy procrastination; where does the time go! It feels like it has been non-stop since my return from Europe back in the summer of 2013. Upon my return I went on a week-long hike at Algonquin Provincial Park then decompressed for six weeks at Sauble Beach, Ontario. Sauble Beach is the longest freshwater beach in Ontario and I have spent many of my younger summer years growing up there. During those weeks I chilled out, jogged and swam all the while working on my re-entry into the Canadian job market. After Sauble I spent a short time in Ottawa hanging out with friends, eating sushi and playing Catan before being slingshot across the country to Vancouver, British Columbia.

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My Sister’s GHOST

Soline 3Scooby-Doo, where are you!? Sometimes it’s hard to keep track of it but if my sister’s bike had a name I would call it Scooby-Doo. The bike disappears from the storage room and where it goes depends on its rider. My sister goes biking with her BFF for about an hour and a half once or twice a week. How much of that time is spent riding verses drinking coffee or tea somewhere I have yet to figure out and is the subject of continuous discussion between her husband and I. Ultimately it’s up to the rider to determine the bike’s purpose. For my sister, it’s a social ride. For me, this bike is a self-powered toy that I like to play with … until I got banned from riding it.

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Griffin Centre Speech

Cleaning up my old word documents I found the speech I gave to Griffin Centre at their Annual General Meeting in November 2010. This speech was about my cross Canada bike trip that I had completed that summer.

The speech has been modified for this blog post.


(Thank You)

First things first, I want to thank each and every one of you here. The journey would not haven  been as successful without your involvement.   Together we raised $4000 … Even though it was a solo ride across the country I was never alone.  I knew that many of you were thinking of me and wishing me a safe trip. You were on the website reading my blog entries, posting comments, sending me text messages and emails and tracking me via GPS.  There were days where I looked up at the sky and was wondering who’s following me now.


Every now and then I have a need to push my limits …. I took a leap of faith in myself. It’s not confidence, it’s trust. Trust your own skills and experience in order to take that first step, then the second one and so on into the unknown.

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Zen and The Art Of Bicycle Maintenance

In the Summer of 2010 I completed a journey of a lifetime, my lifetime. I bicycled across Canada from Vancouver Island, BC to St John’s, NL. I had live GPS tracking and constant blog updates to keep those informed of my every pedal stroke; 7300 km of awesomeness over seventy six days. Even though my friends, family and colleagues weren’t the ones riding many were excited for my trip.  Their excitement came from their own imagination of doing it themselves. My blog updates were like a living book mixed in with a reality show, where the next chapter had yet to be written. I had no script; Point my bike East, pedal to the horizon and see what happens. It’s a great feeling being on a bicycle. You are both the driver and engine of your freedom.

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