Everyday Android Apps 1.0

Are making the most of your Android device? With the right app you can enhance your user experience. And since there are currently over 800,000 Android applications (AppBrain.com) on the market there’s not shortage of software for you to utilize. Below is a  list of apps that have can be useful and I have installed on my own device (LG 3D).

Multicon WidgetMulticon Widget – You can swipe through seven screens on your Android phone to find you app OR you can reduce you screens to one or two by storing the same amount of icons on less screens. This FREE widget will allow you to have multiple (smaller) application icons or shortcuts in the space one normally takes up.  To use this app you first you load one of the Multicon widgets on your home screen then you click on the widget to add your applications or shortcuts. There are no fees and no ads while using this app. Download this app.

HootsuiteHootsuite – Keep track on what is happening in the world and in your social media circles. You can manage, update and schedule posts to multiple accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare.  You can view, upload photos, post messages, status updates, check stats and track hashtags directly from this app. The basic version is free for the average user and you can upgrade if you want more accounts.Though the computer desktop/web version has more functionality. Download this app.

Kids JumpingFastBurst Camera Lite – If your current camera app is to s-l-o-w to catch the action then install this app. You can take up to 30 photos per second. I used this FREE app when taking a photo of my sister’s kids jumping into the bay.  You hold the camera icon button for continuous shooting or quick taps for quick shots. Download this app.

UltrachronliteUltrachron Lite – A feature-rich digital stopwatch for either time at the gym or for creating masterpieces in your kitchen. I have used it for circuit training at the gym and love it’s accuracy and that it speaks out loud reminding you that there at 30 seconds or 10 seconds left on your countdown so you don’t have to look at it. It has a large display that features lap times,  talking stopwatch/timer,  set timer with voice,  large display, lap Times,  editable descriptions, email timing reports and stays active (wakes phone). Download this app.

AntithefttalarmAnti Theft Alarm – If you do not keep your phone with you at all times or find that your kids play with your phone when you are not looking then install the FREE Anti Theft Alarm. After some minimal configuration you set the phone down and after a user-specified amount of seconds it is activated. Once the phone it moved then after a user-specified amount of seconds an alarm goes off (different types, sound levels).   A pre-set PIN will need to be entered to turn it off so burglars, curious friends or your children won’t be able to stop it. Download this app.

HDR Camera Key Quay Novi Sad Multi Use Urban Trail – Tired of taking a photos with the wrong contrasts or settings. Use the HDR (High Dynamic Range) camera application. The app takes three shots at different exposure levels and combines them into one photo for a rich image with vivid colours.  There is a FREE version and a paid version with additional features. Download this app.

privacyinspectorPrivacy Inspector – Find out what information is being collected and transmitted by the app that you are using. Privacy Inspector  (Lite) scans your applications source code on your Android device and determines their threat level and whether or not you want to uninstall the app. The full version is called Privacy Blocker and you can install secure apps and fix privacy issues so you do not have to uninstall suspicious apps. Download this app.

worldweatherclockwidgetWorld Weather Clock Widget – If you find yourself travel to multiple locations or need to keep tabs on the weather in different places then this is the right app for you. You can setup customizable widgets on your home screen to instantly see what the weather conditions, weekly forecasts and time is for different world cities. Other features include rain rader and satellite view. During my travels I had three 1×1 widgets showing from the cities I planned to be visiting next. Note: If you use a task killer app then this weather app may become unstable on your device. Download this app.

miniinfoclassicMini Info Classic – A great app for users to monitor the health of their Android phone or tablet. A customizable preview widget on your home screen displays internal and external storage space, CPU usage, battery info and temperature,  RAM and more. More information can be shown once you click on the widget (or icon) to edit on and off functions such GPS, Wifi, Bluetooth and Airplane mode.  Download this app.

First Aid American Red CrossFirst Aid American Red Cross – A great app for sudden emergencies. Get instructions on how to deal with scrapes, burns and other situations that require first aid along with 9-1-1 integration so you can call EMS directly from the app.  This app includes preloaded content such as videos and animations along with interactive quizzes to help you learn and prepare. There are also tips on dealing with extreme weather such as hurricanes and tornado as well as earthquakes. This is a free app with no ads and no spam. Download this app.

smoothcalendarSmooth Calendar – A clean calendar widget for you home screen that you can sync with Google Calender, Facebook and other networks. You can customize the look (colours) and list up to six events. Download this app.

Unit Converter – A highly rated easy to use converter for measurements such as volume, weight and distance as well as world currencies. Download this app.

Alarm Clock 3Alarm Clock 3 – Wake everyday up to your favourite song. This app allows you to customize three different alarms with beeps, ringtones or music. When setting the alarm you can choose to fade in / fade out the music, snooze delay, auto-snooze and alarm repetition. This is an ad-free app. The full (paid) version gives you a clock widget, more customizable alarms and music track playback options. Download this app.

K9 MailK-9 Mail is on of the best e-mail clients around for your Android device.It is an open source project that is community developed. It was push email, POP3, IMAP, Exchanging 2003/2007, flagging, signatures, multiple folder synchronization and more. Download this app.



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