Day In Ljubljana

DragonBridgeWhile visiting Zagreb for a couple weeks I decided to take a “fun-cut” to Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia. The train ride was an easy couple of hours compared to the usual eight or nine it takes me to and from other places in the region. The train also had an outlet for laptops/cell phones so I had the chance to listen to  music and play games on my smartphone without draining the battery.

Ljubljana View At Ljubljanski GradGoing through customs stops was mildly entertaining. The Croatian and Slovenian border officers were curious as to how I could be traveling with just my MEC sling pod containing only a handful of items. They even checked under my seat to see if I was hiding additional luggage. Nope, I’m merely traveling for the day. One border officer said “You are terrorist”.  Though what he really said was “tourist”. He had a strong accent.

Movember Mocha at Cafe CoklI arrived by about nine in the morning and walked a quick tempo as I only gave myself a day to sight-see. Most of what I wanted to see was south of the train station. Everything is walking distance in this bicycle friendly city. But first, coffee! I enjoyed my Movember Mocha at Café Čokl next to the Funicular, below Ljubljanski Grad Courtyard.

Ljubljanski Grad CourtyardI spent most of my hours exploring the rooms of Ljubljanski Grad (Ljubljana Castle) whose structure has been rebuilt and its purpose has changed many times during its over two thousand year existence. It is currently home to a couple cafes, restaurants, a museum of Slovenian history and an art exhibit. You can even rent out one of the halls for special events. Climbing to the top of the castle towers offers a great panoramic view of the city.

Recycling and Garbage bins with underground storage in LjubljanaThe pedestrian streets of Ljubjlana are scenic including views of the Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge, Ljubljanica River and Presernov Street which was getting decorated for the holiday season. I did notice how clean the city was including city’s garbage and recycling bins that had underground storage to be emptied later.

Like every city I’ve visited so far I couldn’t pass up a chance to try out the sushi. Yet when the hostess asked me how it was I gave a big “ummmmmm….” which gave the answer away as I was trying to think of a polite response.

Assorted spirits in LjubljanaIn the afternoon the weather took a turn for the worse and I had to duck into a souvenir shop to dry myself off from the rain. The cashier showed me many samples of spirits including rakija to try out. I bought a cool looking frosted souvenir shot glass with a dragon in the front. This will join the collection of shot glasses from the various cities and countries I’ve visited. Though if anyone is going to Barcelona let me know. The other day my nephew accidentally knocked my Bad Toro shot glass off the table and it broke. I need a replacement.

Spending a day in Ljubljana isn’t enough time to see what else the city had to offer. From castles, Roman ruins and relaxing cafes along the Ljubljanica river to museums, parks and dragons there’s a lot more to explore.


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