My Toronto

So far I’ve lived in the big T dot O all my life where the population is three million and counting. There are so many things to do in the city that never sleeps that it’s virtually impossible to do it all. And if you try or do then you could miss out on other things like…I dunno…world travel.

That is why I’ve focused on defining and living in My Toronto. It’s all things to all people but not everything to one person. I enjoy to live my version of Toronto life. It consists of engaging in activities of which I like. Not what the other guy likes. You won’t see me partying it up in the Entertainment District,  going to cocktail hour after-work or that other thing you may like so much but I don’t.

I focus on the hidden gems and treasures of the city that I have fun exploring. Its hanging out with friends at cafes, sushi restaurants, the movies,  criticizing the government of the day, biking everywhere and jogging along the waterfront. It’s going to  The Distillery District for a spicy hot chocolate,  the Evergreen Brick Works to check out their market and participating in Critical Mass with my fellow members of the bicycling community. Now define your Toronto and appreciate it for what it is.


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